By heya70
3 years ago

Ways to fill your empty notebooks!

Everyone loves the feeling of opening a brand new notebook. But then, looking at all the blank pages, you start to wonder: “What should I do with it?”

There are so many things you can do with a notebook! I’m going to suggest a few:

TV show episode tracker
Gratitude list
Do and don’t list
Habit tracker
Motivational quotes
Mood tracker
Skills to learn
Bucket list
Passwords log
Pen testing
Movies to watch
Supplies to buy
Shopping list
Gift ideas
Bills to pay
Financial goals
Grocery list
Recipes to try
Cooking tips
Ingredient substitutes
Health & fitness goals
Menstrual tracker
Food journal
Weight loss tracker
Organizing ideas
Packing list
Places to go
Places I’ve visited
Things I would like to see and do
Restaurants to visit
School goals
Calligraphy practice

This is my first article, I hope everyone likes it x
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JasonJRogers I write poems and stories in mine, great suggestions and great article!
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