By nessy
3 years ago

Tips for online dating

Hey all so I’ve been on the online dating for a while and while it’s been frustrating it’s also been fun and met nice people along the way so here are my top tips

ONE.... be careful what profile picture you use try using one that’s classy and not showing to much flesh as they tend to get the wrong idea

TWO..... if anyone asks you to ring them on a mobile number stating with 070 it’s a scam for money

THREE.... be open minded as many many men and woman just want to have sex regular without been in a relationship

FOUR.... don’t be over the the top be yourself at all times

FIVE ..... have fun go with the flow and enjoy it’s fun meeting all walks of life you might surprise yourself so try not to be to quick to judge

Here are a few I like to use
The list goes on thanks for reading
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