By Strabunica013
2 years ago

The Journey of Ascension

The Journey of Ascension has to do with the return to authenticity, with the assumption of personal truth. But some people perpetuate that old mentality, which says, "I have to be that way, I have to behave like that, I have to do that, because that is what a spiritual person is / is behaving."
Spirituality does not mean fitting into some rules / conditions / norms! Spirituality means to be just as you are, to be authentic, to trust your own person, to be convinced that you are valuable just as you are, that you do not need to look like X or Y to have value.
It is necessary to find out who we really are.
We live in a world full of people who tell us, "That's good for you, that's bad for you! Do it, do not do that! "And who assures us that they will. It is time to understand that our "good" is a strictly personal matter, that we find out what is "good" for us inside, not from outside. It's time to stop giving up our personal power, accepting / allowing others to indicate / dictate what's good for us and what not. (Jason Estes)

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