By dorageorg
3 years ago

The health benefits of coconut

Whether used as sawdust, coconut oil, coconut water or milk, its qualities are indisputable. With its rich content of vitamins, trace elements, fiber and vegetable fats, it improves digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and speeds up metabolism.
With regular use of coconut products, the cholesterol level is normalized and stimulates its conversion to pregnenolone, which stimulates memory, fatigue and exhaustion, and most importantly, it is a "raw material" for the production of a number of hormones. Coconut milk is suitable for all ages, including for young children. It is the basis of the fight against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. It is believed that most of the viruses can fight coconut milk. This makes it an indispensable helper of the immune system. In addition, coconut milk contains many vitamins (C, E, A, almost all of group C), fibers, as well as vital minerals such as iron, selenium, copper, magnesium, calcium, sodium and others. Coconut milk is an alternative to cow in lactose intolerant (milk sugar) and calcium content makes it a good substitute for cow's milk.

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