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The Day I Enter the Temple of the Lord

I remember it was in 1984 that my wife and my family first entered the Temple of the Lord in our capital country, Manila. A day before that special day, we attended the dedication of the said Temple by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

As l listened to him while saying the dedicatory prayer, I felt something good and something wonderful. I felt emotional. I couldn't control myself from shedding a tear. My wife who sat beside me in one of the rooms in the Temple noticed it and she held my hand tightly. I took a hanky from my trousers’ pocket and wiped my tear.

The following day, we had our personal endowment. We realized the great importance of the Sonship and divinity of Jesus as we watched the God’s creations from natural resources to the creation of Adam and Eve shown in a big screen. We appreciated the greatness of the Lord who created every living creature including us, humans.

In the following day, we had another great session inside the Temple. At this time, my wife and I together with our six children were sealed as a family by a Temple worker who holds the Priesthood of God to perform such Temple ordinance.

We were all happy for such spiritual blessings and opportunity to be be sealed as husband and a wife for time and eternity. So as with our children, we were sealed as a family sealed same, for time and eternity.

It is not easy to enter into the Temple of the Lord if you are not worthy and not eligible to have the temple recommend. You should be active in the Church, obedient to the ordinances and commandments of God. In entering the Temple, we have gained the following spiritual assurances, opportunities to receive, and obligations to do:

1. Resist temptation.
2. Honor our covenants.
3. Obey the commandments of the Lord, and
4. Bear our fervent, fearless testimony of the gospel to our family, friends, and neighbours.

By the way, we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for almost 39 years now. As of this writing we are active in the Church. I have a calling in the Church as District Executive Secretary, District Auditor, and teacher in the Institute of Religion for the adults.
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