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Only the Good Die Young

These men proved that those who are so damn good in their crafts might not have the chance of fully enjoying it.
They may not be remembered for the longevity of their music career; however, they will still be remembered because they are simply great that anyone may forget to cross their names off.

1. Chester Bennington, 41
This man was the latest reason why the world has come to unite again for mourning his loss. The man that gave voices to the songs that surfaced the genre "Rap/Electronic Rock" to the music scene took his life on the birthday of his good friend, Chris Cornell, who is also on this list.

2. Kurt Cobain, 27
Nirvana's front man, Kurt Cobain, was found dead with a shotgun and a suicide note, suggesting that he took his own life. Before the suicide of Cobain, he was put in rehab because of suicidal tendencies.

3. Bob Marley, 36
Like everyone here in this list, this man also poured out his all in his craft. Think about reggae and the Rastafarian culture and you'd definitely think of Bob Marley. Cancer which developed under his toe nail was his tragedy.

4. Chris Cornell, 52
Chris Cornell also excelled in his musical path and was on the top with Chester Bennington. Among his works was the critically-acclaimed Bond theme song "You Know My Name".
Like his friend, Cornell also committed suicide due to depression and substance abuse issues.

5. John Lennon, 40
There can be no one greater than John Lennon. Just as he was starting to make his comeback in the music scene via Double Fantasy, he was shot by a fan named Mark David Chapman after giving Chapman an autograph. The tragic incident ended all hopes for a Beatles reunion.
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RasmaSandra It is tragic when a great talent dies young. The only compensation is that their music makes them immortal and future generations can enjoy it too.
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