By maelors
3 years ago

My Cooking Style

My dish for today is Tocino.

To give you a little background, Tocino was first introduce by Spaniards way back their settlement here in the Philippines (thanks to them cause it’s one of my favorite food :)). Tocino is a Spanish word that means “bacon” or “cured meat”. It’s a sweetened pork dish that has been traditionally served for Filipinos breakfast.

My mother used to cook Tocino by frying it in cooking oil. I think that’s how many people cooked it. Now, as a mother myself and trying to cook for my partner and my son, frying tocino with cooking oil is not a good idea for me cause it turned out slightly burned and overcooked.

How can I serve this burned meat to my family?! :(. So I did some experimenting and hoping it will work. Here’s what I did.
1.Remove the tocino from the pack and put it in the frying pan
2. Put a little water. Don’t put too much cause it might turn into a tocino soup (just kidding :)). Just balance the quantity of tocino and the water.
3. Wait for the water to boil and lower the heat once it starts boiling. Wait for it to caramelize.
4. And that’s it. Ready to serve my sweet and tender Tocino. :)

Cooking the healthier way!

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