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May triggers Article 50

Theresa May is likely to trigger Article 50 on 29th March that will formally begin the negotiations for the UK to leave the EU.

The negotiations are likely to last two years when the UK will leave the European Union by March 2019. It was last year on 23rd June that people voted across the UK to leave the European Union with leavers winning by 52% as opposed to remainers 48%.

Of course, Scots were not happy neither were people in Northern Ireland who voted overwhelmingly to stay. With Nicola Sturgeon calling for another referendum and Sein Fein in Northern Ireland nearly getting as many seats as the DUP this may reflect those two countries frustration being pulled out of the EU by England and Wales.

It seems the remainers are doomed in hoping for another referendum or for a soft Brexit however they are not it seems willing to throw in the towel yet. Gina Miller for example who forced the government to bring Brexit before Parliament is not happy with how Parliament handled it and is prepared to return to court over this. The Lib Dems and other remainers are not prepared to go quietly and will resist all the way no doubt to when we leave March 2019.

Brexit negotiator David Davis said it was a historical vote when Brits voted for leaving the EU. Now when Article 50 is enacted come the end of this month the government will begin negotiating our way out of the trade bloc.

Donald Tusk has Tweeted that the European Union will issue a draft document in response to the UK enacting Article 50.

How the UK will fair outside the UK is unknown but you believe whatever is said based upon the fact if your a remainer or leaver. One thing is for sure the Farage household will be partying tonight.

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ze2000 Another referendum is not possible. If we do that then we will have repeated elections every time because people "change their mind".

Everybody has the information available. If they trusted politician it's their own fault, lesson learned.
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bee I think people have voted and they should live with the result!
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tjkhan Totally agree with the above comments... i dont see why people need to keep changing their minds... you voted now stick to it
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