By TammyWhite
3 years ago

Life is a spiral. It is not a straight line.

Everything is born, start. Everything dies, ends.
Everything is born again and to die.
Appear and disappear. To be and not to be.
Spring that ends in summer to be autumn that after winter will be spring again.
Monday that became on Tuesday and at the end of four more days and on a Sunday it will be Monday again.
Seeds that will be flowers that will make new seeds.

Life is a spiral, it goes from inside to outside.
The spiral of life represents growth, natural evolution.
The earth, like the rest of the planets, of the universe, was born from a spiral movement
of gas and cosmic dust.
The spiral describes the rotation of the universe. The movements of the stars.
And also your earthly movement.
The universal code of life is formatted through a spiral: DNA.
Life, in all religions, is represented by the figure of a spiral.
The liturgies are repeated in time, like an endless spiral:
from Holy Week to Advent and from there to a new Holy Week.
Everything is a spiral.

A mobster entered the hotel in a small town.
I wanted to see a room to know if I could stay there for a long period of time.
The receptionist, to let him visit the room, asked for a guarantee of 100 euros.
The mobster gave them to him and went up to see the room.
At that time, the hotel receptionist ran out to pay his debt of 100 euros
with the village butcher. Who took the money and also ran to pay off his debt with
the pig breeder.
The pig breeder, in turn, went with the 100 euros to pay the miller
provider of animal feed. The miller took the tickets and went to liquidate
his debt to the prostitute of the people who did him certain favors from time to time ...
The prostitute, ticket in hand, went to the hotel where she owed 100 euros for the rent of rooms
to which he went with his clients and that he had not yet paid.
He handed the ticket to the hotel receptionist, who returned it to the mafioso when he
He went down to see the room saying he had not liked anything and claiming his 100 euros.

The town was left without debtors, although nothing had changed.
Sometimes nothing changes and, nevertheless, everything changes.
Misleading perception Spiral that turns and rotates to leave everything in its place, as it was.

The umbilical cord is helical, a triple spiral formed by two arteries and a vein.
Fingerprints are spirals, and sweat glands, hair follicles
and the inner ear snail.
Nature is spiral.
Life is spiral.
And the thought is spiral.

The spiral regulates life from the galactic level to a subatomic level.
The spiral represents life without a beginning or a real end.
The spiral is energy that is in continuous movement.
Life is cyclical and spiral.

And, nevertheless, ...

How should we live?

Like an arrow. In one direction. As a straight line.
As something that starts and ends.
Because for each of us it will end, sooner or later, but it will have an end.

Life is a spiral that we should live as a straight line
because every moment.

Life is a spiral that rotates in circular mode
and although everything is repeated and repeated,
It never goes through the same points.
Every moment, every situation, every moment
They are extraordinarily unique.
Living, maybe it also has to do with learning
to get out of the spiral.
Understand what the straight line,
with arrowhead, brings us.
Take advantage of all the moments.
Live them as if they were irrefutable,
because, with total security; one day
they will not be repeated.

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