By NyishaHv
3 years ago

If Rihanna was white...

To those who may deem this article offensive my apologies. I wanted to explore the height and extent of racial inequality and prejudice that is indeed predominant online and also in social media. Rihanna has recently been the victim of Internet trolling whereby provocative internet trolls have been 'photoshopping' pictures of the star openly stating 'Rihanna would look so much prettier if she were White'. Rihanna is from Barbados, she is not deemed to be white nor is the ethnicity what the singer identifies herself as.

Sadly, Hollywood has been prone to portray physical attractiveness with features that are considered to be 'black features'. Photographs are photoshopped to make ethnic individuals appear 'whiter', skin is lightened, their noses appearing more 'european'. This not only suggests heightened prejudice but also discrimination. By contrast, it is arguable that African American celebrities or celebrities who do have darker skin complexions are actually adhering to the fact the opinion that lighter skin is more attractive. It has now become a trend, something that is vastly practiced in places such as India and Jamaica where shade is not only appeared to be linked to status but also physical attractiveness culturally speaking.

We have seen that celebrities will be subject to criticism and scrutiny based on their appearance alone or even how they dress. So where does the need to stigmatise others come from based on skin colour. Is it to do with up-bringing, or the concept that perhaps your own skin may be lighter than someone else's? In some cases this could indeed fuel a sense of empowerment, sadly, some individuals do hold the believe that their skin colour alone is enough to make them superior to others and so further prejudice arises. Others however may hold the view that attractiveness has nothing to do with colour, complection or ethnicity.

It is believed to be according to preference and also subjective to that own persons concept of what 'beauty' is. We live in a climate where 'looks' are supposed to matter because it is the first thing we see and usually what we are judged for at face value. Nevertheless, how far can we really go to say what is genuinely attractive. Are we right or wrong.

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olavn54 Nicely
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Smokey2017 There are loads of rascist s in this life and they have nothing better to do with their lives
Why they don't say I'm rascist too scared they hide behind a mask
For retribution
I blame the politician totally for all the hatred circling
People that are rascist need to look in the mirror and see what the real world is
Look at the refugees do you think they would come to the uk if their countries were not reduced to rubble
I don't say any different in a refugees to me
Yes we might speak a different language
Yes we might cook differently
Yes we might have different beliefs and values
But what is the difference
Nothing at all
They have suffered a life where they have lost peolke they love
And they want a better life a safer live for them and their families
I've got no time to listen to people who have not got a single clue what it is like to hold your dying child die in front of you
Or watch your mother your father die in front of you
Let the politicians go and visit the countries they have destroyed them come back and talk
Ask them when was the last they they had a hot meal to eat
Ask them when was last time they had a warm home to go to
Ask them when was last they had clean drinking water to drink
They got no clue !!
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Violeta Great
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soncee Nice
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Violeta @Smokey2017 told you very nicely, your words fell on me. That's the truth 😘😘😘
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NyishaHv @Smokey2017 I agree! So true and those who are racist are targeting people based on their ethnicity. I have experienced racism myself to various degrees and been called a racist name in reality it is really horrible
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Smokey2017 I've got loads more to say if you guys want to hear
There are people who just see one side
There are two sides to every story
Yes gadaffi was a dictator
Yes sadam was a dictator
But people knew where they stood they had jobs food shelter and family
Now look innocent people dying every day for what purpose
What has America and its allies gained from
All the destruction
What have they gained from killing innocent children
What have they gained by leaving so many children orphans
What right did they have to go and destroy Libya Iraq and Syria
The people have nothing
No food just the clothes on their back
Imagine living their lives waiting for the next bomb to come down not knowing if you will die or live
The worse thing I have seen had to be the man
Holiding his two dead 6 month old twins in his arms after seeing 28 memrber pf his family killed for what
Doesn't he have feelings
Doesn't he have a heart
The politicians all talk crap they have no idea
If anyone got blood on their hands it is them
These are people like you and me
And they have feelings
Peolke ask me why do terrorst do nasty things
Let me ask you a question
What would you do if you saw your mother your father your grandparents killed your children killed
Would you stand by or would you want revenge
People intend to brush it under the carpet and don't admit it is happening abd what is anyone doing to stop it nothing
Imagine not having food to eat
Or water to drink
Or no home shelter
Cause that is what these peolke have nothing !!!
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Smokey2017 They have no idea @nyishahv I would be thinking i can see your lips moving but can't hear you
They are ignorant people
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Smokey2017 How is uni @nyishahv
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NyishaHv Hi @smokey2017 I don't start University until next week but my induction was great thanks :) Met lots of lovely people and the atmosphere was amazing it is exactly where I want to be. I think when my first class starts I will be very excited yet nervous haha
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Smokey2017 Hey @nyishshv this is a new chapter in your life be postive be confident and you will be smiling all the way to graduation day 😬😬😬😬
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carmen3521 Great
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Shavkat Nice article
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