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2 years ago

I Made It To 34!

Life today has brought me here, staring at the Exit 34 road sign. I have no choice but to travel this route, the powers that be laid this new road ahead of me. Im excited and of course a little bit scared, i feel as if im halfway there, but yet dont want to get any closer to the end...
(if theres an end)

Most people celebrate their life on that special day every year. I celebrate my life every day, even though at times i look to the sky and ask "why?....why me?"

Im a survivor, a survivalist... ive indured pain and suffering on behalf of myself as well as others i care about or havent even met.

Im a virgo, a sensitive human being with the most upmost respect for any kind of life, be it a flower, spider or even a mouse.

Time of course as ive learnt over my 34 years on this earth, is just a figment of imagination. So for those who say life is to short, you are wrong, its just perceived it that way in our own mind. So am i really 34 then? ๐Ÿ˜…

Im one to speak, but in turning the age of 34! Ive learnt some valuable lessons and one very important one...dont take your life for granted, enjoy all the little things around you, because they do count!

So in being the fact i turned 34, here is my list of the 34 things im grateful for in life:
(Bare with me)

1: My daughter Dakota, if it wasent for her i feel my train of thought might be washed away.

2: My family, even though broken apart, they have always been there for me and tryed their best.

3: My friends, close, far and near. They always lift me up and get me smiling

4: The food this earth has provided for my body. Especially the spicy stuff!

5: Being born in a country like Canada, provided me good health care, schooling and fair justice.

6: Being born as a man who can indure all the pain offered, but still provide warmth to those who need it.

7: Having amazing smells to sniff everyday, such as cookies, flowers, the ocean or even that awesome fresh mountain air.

8: Being able to learn different skills in the jobs and tribulations in my life.

9: Learning to become a photographer, to catch all of lifes greatest moments.

10: Connecting with people of same intrests in the online social community worldwide.

11: Im grateful for realizing my passions in life.

12: Knowledge, books, words, historical events.
To expand my mind.

13: For being able to travel and see the many things that i have.

14: For having eyes to see

15: Good health, even though my back is a mess at the moment.

16: For having certain individuals in my life
(Not gunna list names)

17: Having the smarts of the digital world, social media and marketing aspects.

18: My blogging friends from various sites, most ive never met, but created great bonds.

19: Im grateful for the motivation that life can provide. Be it a meme or even a friend giving that good advice to push me on.

20: For the ability to walk great distances and explore what i havent yet seen.

21: Seeing the amazing sunrises and sunsets the sky has to offer.

22: Gazing in awe at the stars and moon.

23: For the sounds around me every day, music, wind gusts, rain drops or even the stand up comedy on the TV.

24: For being individualized.

25: For all the ups and downs that have made me into a stronger person.

26: For the people that protect my country.

27: For that delicious coffee every morning.

28: The herbal medicine on this earth.

29: For being able to laugh at the hardest of times.

30: For Seeing the age of 34.

31: For having a soft heart which still cries when it needs to.

32: For the warmth of a good drink in the evening, no im not an alcoholic.

33: Im grateful for the hugs, smiles and happy birthday wishes from others.

34: Last but not least...for being one of gods walking, talking, loving, strong human beings.

Im going to raise up a wobbly pop tonight for my 34th birthday, and look ahead to the good times ahead of me.

-Josh Leavitt
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RasmaSandra โ€บ Hope your birthday was the best ever, have a nice mellow wine and be glad that you still have a long road ahead in life which I hope brings you only the very best.
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frenchqueen โ€บ All the best. Enjoy being young.
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Strabunica013 โ€บ A 2020 full of happiness and blessings! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ˜˜