By sanjad
3 years ago

Grate with meat and potatoes


300 g of beef
1 small onion
a little frying oil
1 bag of frozen pea, about 450gr
1 a little bigger potatoes
1 tbsp
half a tablespoon of ale paprika
Cut the lunch into small pieces. In a larger sherry, in a low heat, pour a little chop on a little oil, add the meat and fry until it darkens.
When it becomes brown, add enough water to cover the flesh and onion and leave it in the middle of the fire.
In a special sherry cook a pea bag. When the water began to flow through the shaft, the whole pea was peeled in which it was cooked in a pan with meat and onions. Do this by transferring some water from the pea to a larger sherpa, but not all.
After that, if it's too thick, we can always get the rest of the water.
Potato chopped into small pieces and put in a pea with peas, meat and onions. Add a spoonful of vegeta and half a spoon of ale paprika. Cook another 20-30 minutes on a medium heat.

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