By Mckinsey
3 years ago

Google Trends For Writing Articles

A lot of writers run into writer's block. This includes bloggers and people who just write for fun. This is why I love Google Trends, which you can use to help you, too. I'll give you a quick explanations of what Google Trends is, how it works and why you should is it for writing articles.

What Is Google Trends And How It Works
It's a way to search for what's currently trending online. You can search for trends via country and by category. For example, if you choose sports as the topic and Brazil as the country, then you'll find out what sports topics are trending in Brazil.

Why Use It When Writing Articles
When you find out what's currently trending on Google, you can write about it. Make sure you publish it as soon as possible because this will likely result in a spike of traffic. In short, you should use Google Trends for ideas of what to write about and to increase your chances of getting traffic to your content. Just remember, it will be short-term traffic because once the topic stops trending, then so will traffic to the content.

Go ahead and give Google Trends a try. You might be intimidated by it at first, but it's really easy to use when you get the hang of it. Search for what's trending, write up an article and publish it and see how things go for your article.

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ze2000 Yes, it's a very good tool but a bit complicated to use for the "casual" user.
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Borderline I prefer to use tuetego as a social media "kind of facebook". Also the articles are quiet interesting
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iulianstoian Nice
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