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Book Review: Martin Luther: A Biography for the People


Martin Luther

A Biography for the People

by Dyron Daughrity

Abilene Christian University Press

Christian , History

Pub Date 12 Sep 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Martin Luther: A Biography for the People through Abilene Christian University Press and Netgalley:

Little Did Luther know the impact The Ninety-Five Theses or Disputation for Clarifying the Power Of Indulenges would have, and how it would help to birth Protestant Christianity when he pinned those words to a church door on October.31.1517. The words as dull as they may seem would help to birth modern day Christianity.

Martin Luther was born to Hans and Margaret on November 10, 1483, in what was already proving to be a pivotal age. Europe was coming on stage as a premier cultural and military as well as premier economic power in the world. It was also beginning to assert itself in matters pertaining to religion.

Before and during Martin Luther’s lifetime, two critical developments were happening with the Church and State. The Roman Catholic Church was struggling to rebound its worst crisis since becoming a state church in the 300’s. The crisis had two phases the first being Avignon Papacy from 1309-1377 and the second phase was The Great Western Schism from 1378-1417.

Luther was well educated, an education provided by his Father. Luther first went off to the town of Mansfield to attend school when he was seven t Luther lost two brothers to the plaque around 1507, and another sister died in 1520. Three other sisters married and having families of their own.

Luther started out in law but he would change courses and on April.03.1507 Luther would be ordained into the priesthood, and in October 1512 Martin Luther is promoted to doctor of theology at the University Of Wittenberg.

In 1510 Martin Luther was twenty seven years old. He was a conscientious monk, an Ordained Priest and a promising graduate student.

Luther would become known as the man of the people. As lead minister of the Parish Church, he became popular for his ability to tell stories in the simple terms of the people.

On October.31.1517 the eve of All Saints Day, Luther went public with the ninety five theses. The ninety five theses spread quickly. This surprising development was in large part due to the Gutenberg press that had been made in the sixth or seven decades before. By the end of 1517 the Theses had been printed in Nuremberg, Leipzig and Basel. Luther would never receive a penny from the yield.

After the Leipzig debate in 1519 Luther became a household name. He lost the debates but it is said to have motivated him.

On his way back from Worms, Luther was kidnapped it was May.04.1521.

Much of Martin Luther’s success was brought through his writing.

Martin Luther was forward thinking, radical for his time, but his willingness to stand up to centuries of rules and rituals would help create the Protestant Faith.

I give Martin Luther: A Biography for the People five out of five stars!

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