By tallawah
3 years ago

Being Played - 2

On the Television Program; Lost, there was a con arrest who used the name 'Sawyer'.

In one episode he had a bunch of cheap knock off jewelry which, on the back of the paper cards to which they were attached were big price tags from a fancy jewelry store.

The people he tried to sell them to, when seeing the big prices on the back and thinking Sawyer was so stupid not to know he had good jewelry, cheated him.

Something marked at $1,275.00 they'd say, "I'll give you $75..."

They felt so good, ripping off Sawyer and getting good jewelry for so little.

In short, if they weren't dishonest, they wouldn't have been ripped off.

People who trick other people, as in this example, and as in the previous article where Sharon was played by people she assumed were stupider than she was, always go for the dishonest person.

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