By TammyWhite
3 years ago

At the neighborhood market

The other day I was happy when I heard that for the first time in three years consumption in small businesses grew, especially in neighborhood stores, where it did up to 3.1% according to the National Institute of Statistics. However, in the field of food, it seems that the thing does not enjoy the same luck, and sales decreased by 2.0%. That is why today I have proposed to make a firm defense of the market and the grocery store of all life. I know that when you work, it is sometimes difficult to go from job to job looking for specific products in each of them. Without a doubt, the easy thing is to go one day a week to a large commercial area, load the shopping cart and start to freeze as if possessed. Obviously, I will not criticize the latter, because for lack of time who else who less, we all have used this resource.
Now, I do want to highlight the advantages of buying in the small business with this infographic (of course, there will be exceptions as always):

. You find a closer and more personalized treatment.
. They advise you and earn your trust.
. The products are fresher and of better quality.
. Revalues ​​the local, supporting the consumption of proximity.
. Preserves the traditional cultural identity signs.
. They are our neighbors and they are close to home.
. They maintain the humanity of the neighborhoods by fostering social relations.
. They give life to our neighborhoods and many collaborate in their festivities and social activities.
. Their shop windows brighten the streets.
. And they usually generate a more stable and higher-quality employment than biggest stores.

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