By NatashaT1994
3 years ago

Art Assessment

So my art assessment is Monday 8th May (Can't believe it is May already) is giving me the nerves in my stomach.

So I know for a fact I have passed 6 out of 7 units because I have actually finished all the required work for those units/classes. One of my classes which is the 3 units I know I am going to be busy with over the weekend has stressed me out very much indeed.

I need the 3 units to pass one class and it is the worse.

Why am I struggling with this? (Especially the one unit)

Last week I was off all college days because I was too busy taking half seizures with all my stress and knowing that today Thursday 4th of May (Which is a normal day for me NOT Star Wars day) is my last college day before the assessment then about 5 college days for remediation.

Because of that I now have to hand sow my plushie design because I have no access to a sowing machine anymore so that is going to take hours. So I might actually have to go to remediation week to do it. Also what is worse I have an Interview coming up (which I don't know when) for HND Year 1 of Contemporary Art & Design and usually the assessments for that they advise you to spend about 10 hours on preparing. -_-

Also this is the reason why I haven't exactly been blogging as much as I used to.

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ze2000 Good luck Natasha
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HappyLady We are rooting for you. Keep going. It is a lot but you can do it.
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Alex I wish you good luck
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