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Maldives is called as “the tropical paradise” for reasons. Its beauty is none like other. Maldives is a tropical country with separated islands, which are separated by sea. Each each island is surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches. It is a wonderful experience to visit and explore the beaut... Read more
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154 days ago
A typical Philippine Paradise. 🙂

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A famous landmark in our city - Borongan in Eastern Samar Philippines, the spot is called "Sawang" where the Church, the City Hall, and the commercial establishments are located. It is the heart of the city. I love the place and it is my hometown. A typical place where it faces the Pacific Ocean,... Read more
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One of the best photographs i've ever taken. This was taken last year when I went on holiday, I forgot I had it on my facebook!! I had a much better camera back then

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When it’s Sunday and I’m at work but can’t think of anything but bathing in this private island. I miss wearing my bikinis.

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221 days ago
Missing the sun and sand. Take me there again please.

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