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Wood is a natural material derived from woody plants, trees, shrubs, etc., consisting mostly of cellulose and lignin, and in a small part of gums, resins, tanning materials and coloring matter.
Wood, a matter of organic origin, is produced by the woody plants that are part of the group of higher cormorant plants - vascular plants that arWood structure change source]

0 = Marrow; 1 Annual Rings; 2 resin channel; 3 Primary Rays; 4 Secondary rays; 5 Cambiu; 6 The Rays of the Bast; 7 Felogen; 8 Bast; 9 Bark
Microscopically the wood is differently viewed, depending on the plane in which it is cut. Wood is made up of several types of vegetal tissues: vascular tissue, fibers, reserve parenchyma.
Fiber: Resistant cell beams, arranged axially, that provide the rigidity and mechanical strength of wood. They consist of a mixture of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.
Vascular tissue: It consists of vessels, tubular cells through which the raw sap from the roots to the leaves. At conifers, these pots are called tracheids. Conductive vessels are often associated with parenchymal cells (also called parenchim), which contribute to the nutrient transport in the tree.
Parenchymal reserve cells with thickened and lignified walls that accompany vascular tissue. These cells participate in the supportive function. Their orientation is transverse and radial starting from the longitudinal axis of the shaft.
Wood has an anatomical structure specific to each tree species so that it can be recognized according to structural differences. The scientific description of wood structures and the determination of tree species is related to the anatomy of the wood.e made of xylin wood and free-flowing tissue.
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