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Why Are We Here on Earth?

Why Are We Here? This question needs an answer why we are here on this earth.

God's Plan of Salvation

I have known the answer to that question 39 years ago. That question is a part of the plan of salvation by our Father in heaven in order for us to be with His presence.

The scriptures tell us on how the hosts of heaven led by our Heavenly Father laid down this plan for mankind.

Where Did We Come From?

We lived in a pre-existence or pre-mortal world. Since there was a war in heaven, the plan was materialized for 1/3 of the hosts of heaven became rebellious and joined with army of Satan.

Why Are We Here?

God created man in His own image. He made man and the woman with body of flesh and bones. The fall of man came in when the woman was tempted and eaten the forbidden fruit of tree of life.

Jesus came to the rescue. He died to redeem man of his sins. By the grace of Christ man is saved after all he can do by obeying God's commandments.

Where Are We Going After Life?

Going back to the fold of our Heavenly Father becomes possible though difficult for the man, for he has to prove himself faithfully and be worthy to have

And for the sinners, they're doomed to suffer in hell.

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