By Sami
3 years ago

Who doesn't know much about technology?- ME!

Hey! everyone this is my first article. I don't know much about this website but I am going to try to write an article, so here we go..

Are you a struggler with technology?
Are you slow at it?
Are you both?
you might be both.... I am both

so I am very slow at finding things and getting on with it like if I were to make a YouTube channel it would take me probably 40mins just to find out how to monetize it and get started.

How to do it quick?

I will give you a tip instead of finding YouTube videos on how to do it try yourself and once you got it write it somewhere so you don't have to go on YouTube AGAIN! to look for the same video and if you can't find it yourself....thennnn just go to YouTube .

Another thing is that you see windows 10 came out now I would prefer windows 8 because I have been using it for long and I find it easier.

Does anyone else do that?
You do that?

Its ok to do that, even though people say ohh! whats wrong with you, your using windows 8 when there's windows 10.

Hmm..How to answer back to them?
Don't. But if necessary answer them back with sarcasm, its like punching people in the face with words. They will shut up.

Does this ever happen to you??
Your sibling is better at technology than you and show off ALOT LIKE ALOT and you just want to...
smack a brick on their face...
dipped in poison.....
and covered with spikes

you probably want to do it but your parents will ground you for lifetime so you can't
sad timings

finally let me tell you one thing if your not great at technology don't worry I am not I don't care there will be some times where you need help from you SIBLINGS and they won't offer them something they can't resist and if necessary...
blackmail them ;)
like I am gonna tell mum you did that the other day if you don't help me
I am telling dad you stole chocolates from the fridge

Well, I hope you enjoyed it will be publishing more.

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