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"A woman in a coma was about to die. Suddenly, she felt up to Heaven and woke up in front of the Judgment Seat.

- Who are you? a Voice asked her.
"I'm the mayor's wife," she said.
- I did not ask you whose wife you are, but who you are.
- I'm the mother of four children.
- I did not ask who the mother you are, but who you are.
- They're learning.
- I did not ask you what profession you have, but who you are.

And the dialogue continued in the same way. Whatever the woman answered, her words did not seem to answer the question: "Who are you?"

- I'm christian.
- I did not ask you what your religion is, but who you are.
- I was the one who was at the church every day and gave them the sorrow of the poor.
- I did not ask you what you did, but who are you?

Clearly, she did not pass the exam, and was sent back to Earth. When she woke up from the coma, the woman decided to find out who she was.
And so her whole life has changed!

Your duty is to be. Do not be someone, do not be nothing - for that is how greed and ambition are born; do not be such and that - as you become conditioned; but simply be! ''

- Anthony de Mello -

You are afraid ?
Why are you afraid?
Trust yourself ?
Do not you think good enough?
It's the life of those who shoot you to do
and feel what they want, or is it your life?

If you do not know who you are, you can know it
the other? to understand it?
Can you get to the other?

You are in a relationship where you are not
present (mentally, spiritually, with the Spirit)?
.... And now the reasons / justifications ... the man
he is best at this, although the cause is one.
But, very good! Stay on! It's your life!

Begging attention / affection / love ... in general or by
to a specific person? Does not come / flow by itself?

You want to get all of them together, be good to everyone,
but are you broken / broken / scattered / unhappy?
Very good! Do it!
All! Your life is!

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Strabunica013 @DAIANAGABAR @Deliana @Violeta @Miki
Thank you beautifully, my dear friends and comments! ***
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RalRey I like this article because of the depth of its content and message, and without wanting to argue, let alone fight with the text and its author, I would like to make a brief comment: it is not about me because the purpose of my life exceeds my own Achievements, my tranquility or even my happiness, goes much further, is greater than that of my family, my career and my dreams and more intense longings. The answer to that question will not be found by looking at my being, in my interior, in my mind and in my heart, to know correctly who I am and the meaning of my life and my existence. I should look for it in God, because He is the one who made me, created me and formed me in my mother's womb, and if I was born it was by his will and for his purpose. He, God, YHVH God, is the one who knows, the one who has the correct answer to the question of Who am I and why was I born?

"For by him all things were made, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen...everything started in Him and for His purposes" Colossians 1:16 (Paraphrase)

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