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3 years ago

What Lies Ahead in 2019?

Is the Year 2019 good or bad for You?

Something to ameliorate? Something to discard? Something to nurture? Something to value? Something to keep?

These are some of the practical questions in life that everyone would be facing comes the year 2019.

I remember when I was still studying in elementary and even in high school. When we come back after our week long school vacation for Christmas till the New Year, our English teacher is requiring us to write our New Year's Resolutions.

A resolution of getting rid of those negative attitude we have had, a resolution of make our studies better, a resolution to be a law-abiding student not only in our school but in our community are things which become our priorities.

Priorities? Yes, they are. But in reality, they are not kept or followed. They are only in writing. Why? We never mind them after we submit our writeup to our teacher. This is the same with our family. Our parents have gathered us at the New Year's eve and counsel us about our misbehavior, our misgivings, our shortcomings. In a humble response, we do commit ourselves to be good, to be obedient, to be helpful, to be kind, among others.

But in reality, we have failed. We give more problems to our parents. We become a liability to them.

Why is it so?

Whatever it is at least we have planned that out. We have the goal to achieve, the very purpose of improving ourselves. It takes the right direction, the proper discipline, and most of all, the love of parents, and the love of ourselves.

In your parts, what is yours? Could you comply it?

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