By MitalGoswami
3 years ago

What Does Love Mean?

Hello Everyone

Today I want to share a deep secret with you all. I want you to tell me what does love mean to you all?

Each individual have different opinions to love, for some it may mean wanting someone or something so bad that you can't wait to make it yours and for others it may mean just you and me and no one else.

So now let me tell you, half of the population mistakes love with lust. Do you agree?
Love is not always about sex and neither is about wanting, it's about care, feelings, nurturing, understanding, being together through storm and sunny days, also it's to let go even if it hurts the most. Only the lucky ones gets to be with their love and some has to forget.

I was in love with someone else before I got married and always wished that if his family had agreed we would've been together despite our differences, but then reality is we don't always get what we want, we get what we need in life, no matter how heartbreaking it is, destiny will always lead you to a path where everything will be confusing but hence it will be the only thing that will matter and take life as it goes.

After many breakups and heartbreaks I had learnt to be strong and stopped looking for love, I waited for love to find me and when it did, it felt so unrealistic because I thought people will only use you and will never look back, I was afraid at first but then I learnt to accept it and it was so wonderful and never like before, just like my very own fairytale.

With no love, there would be only living bodies with no soul and everyone would be cruel and not understand how love can change a person from within. Feelings would die if you let it go completely but if you hold on something so dear to you, it would be the only thing you will ever live for.

I'm sure all of you had heard of this quote before 'part of loving, is to let go?' how many do you agree and have accepted it? Letting go does not mean loving less, it just simply means it wasn't our time but I will never stop loving you. I personally agree because I met a guy whom I had so much in common with that he was the only person I want in my life and I only wanted to be with but sadly it wasn't meant to be. Now I have a husband, he's the only person I ever want, no 3rd person. He is my only world.

I have forgiven those who have used me and made me feel like I'm the worst person, if it wasn't for them I would never learn to be the person I am today and we should never judge a person by its past, but for what they are today.

Love is everywhere; between a husband to his wife, a mother and father to their children, girlfriend and boyfriend, between friends, a pet and even where you are right now.

Never stop loving because it's the only cure to everything even if you hate it so much just look at it with a different perspective and everything will just resolve by itself also never stop showing how much you care, which will may bring you closer to your loved ones than ever.

Be forgiving, Have no regrets, Love openly and tenderly.
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ze2000 Is there a consensus? I think everyone has a different opinion, a different interpretation.
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MitalGoswami All opinions are accepted
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Smokey2017 Love for me comes down to trust
And wanting to be together
If a man makes you laugh
Non stop
And treats you like a princess then he is the one for you
I have been married 31 years and been together 35 years
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Violeta Very nice article