By ScaryGal
3 years ago

''What do you want to be when you're older?''

When we were little we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up now, if you're like me you probably answered something like Princess, fairy and other un reachable things.

Then when we grew up they asked again, ''what do you want to do when you grow up?''

That was the time for serious answers so that the teachers could help us achieve what we wanted to do. My friends all said something like 'Doctor, teacher, musician, an artist and many other things' which they all got the help they needed for. When it came to me and I said 'a writer' I was told my dreams were unrealistic and I shouldn't waste my time on it. Never mind the fact that I was actually good at writing stories and small newspaper articles and I had been doing it from a very young age. I was never told about journalism and how I could potentially write for a newspaper I was told to think of another thing and then I never received help.

While all my friends passed their exams with flying colours I was labeled stupid for failing my exams and put in a class group of people that did nothing but misbehave all lesson and I couldn't concentrate. I was given three exams, Maths, PTE, and English. Please tell me how PTE helped me in any way... I failed most of my exams because the teachers were too busy shouting at the other students to behave rather than concentrating on teaching the students that actually wanted to learn and get through school.

Exam results day. Wow. I walked home with my head in my hands, tears rolling down my face because out of three exams I passed one. I had a C in PTE, The one exam that didn't matter because it had nothing to do with what I needed to get. I needed a C in English so that I could join the Media group in the Sixth form and help my writing.

I continued to sixth form without the grades I needed and I was put on English and Maths without the course I needed, I tried to explain this to the head of the school but was told that was all that was available for me. I soon quit and went to college. That's when most of the people I considered friends decided to cut me out of their lives because I didn't stick around to do something I didn't want to do.

I'm not blaming the teachers for me not passing my exams I'm blaming the school system. I was put in a group with people who DIDN'T want to learn when I NEEDED and WANTED to learn so I could do my dream job. I was told my dream was 'unrealistic' and I should change my mind.

Now I'm 20, I have no job, crippling anxiety and depression. I've tried to commit suicide three times and I have the words grades. No school or college will take me because I don't have the grades I need. My life is ruined because my school were too lazy to help me a little more.
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luluarte Be happy 😀
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MegyBella I agree with u about school system, but listen to me, do not let them ruin your dreams. Follow them and they will come true. Have a vision and believe in it. Never give up and do not let others to affect your life. Love yourself, be yourself and you'll be witness of positive changes in your life❤
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