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3 years ago

Ultimate Top 20 Anime movies of all time.

1. The Boy and the Beast:
A moving film filled with adventure and action. In it A young boy runs away from home searching the streets of Tokyo. Suddenly before his eyes stands a Beast who offers him a once in a life time opportunity in his parallel universe. Will he take it ?

2. Spirited Away:
If you love adventure then this movie is for you ! Containing a whirlwind of obstacles that a young girl has to overcome if she wants to save her family and leave the spirit world. Will she be able to do it ?

3. Princess Mononoke:
This is one is for the Nature geeks. The young princess wishes to protect the forest by all means with help from her pack. But little did she know the task she took on board would be so tremendous.

4. Howls Moving Castle:
A movie that really captures your heart. A poor young girl is cursed by a witch and wishes to rid of it. With the help of her knight in shiny armour, Howl she might just be able to do so and maybe even find love.

5. Sword of The Stranger:
Again this heartfelt movie will fill you with tears. An ex- swordsman goes through tremendous lengths in order to save a little boy being hunted by the Buddhist temple. Will he be able to save the child ?

6. Afro Samurai: Resurrection
An explicit film that would definitely not be rated PG 13. Entails a black samurai's journey in recovering his father's dead body with many foes in his way.

7. Fuse, Memoirs of the Hunter Girl:
This Hunter Girl sets out to kill certain people in the village known as Fuses'. However many other Hunters are competing for the same thing because of their high bounties. Will she live up to her Hunter expectations?

8. Your Name:
A movie that jumps from past to present in order to find his true love. But so many trials and tribulation lay ahead. Will they ever meet ?

9. A Silent voice:
Once a bully but now in love and apologetic to the girl he bullied. Will she forgive him and fall in love?

10. Ninja Scroll:
Another explicit movie which entails a skilled ninja coerced into working for a government official to kill The Devils of Kimon. Filled with adventure love and action this movie will definitely take you on a ride.

11. Hotarubi no Mori e:
This one is for the romantic fanatics. This moving movie will bring you to tears because the relationship between her and her love is like none you've ever seen! two different people from different world reunited every summer.

12. The Wind Rises:
This man has a passion for making aeroplanes and on his way to achieve his dream he ends up saving his soon to be lover.

13. Origin: Spirits of the Past:
A heartfelt movie that is 300 years into the future. A girl wakes up to finish her mission. Will she be able to do so now times have changed ?

14. Tamako Love Story:
If you like love and romance mixed with " the chase" then this movie is definitely for you!

15. One Piece film: z
A former Marine admiral steals the Dyna Stones, and stands in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates. Will Luffy defeat him.

16. Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc: Cage of Flames
Follow the quest of this very skilled Samurai.

17. The Last: Naruto the Movie
For all you Naruto fans this is definitely a must watch. Find out Naruto's final journey.

18. The Anthem of the Heart.
This movie entails the sad life of a poor girl who became the victim of her own words. Will she break the horrible curse placed upon her lips or will she fumble and remain speechless forever?

19. Wolf Children:
This movie will show how its okay to be different and show how you don't always have to conform to majority standards. This movie shows two roads of conformity and freedom embodied in two young wolf children.

20. Miss Hokusai:
If you enjoy set paced films and just like to admire the fluidity and beauty of art itself then this movie is for you! This movie entails the life of a group of artists.
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ze2000 I am not an expert, but not seeing Akira or Ghost in the cell in this list is a tad dissapointing...
3 years
3 years
Goldxnola Admittedly they are good movies but they are not as popular to be included in a top 20 list especially when it's an "ultimate list." In order for it to be an ultimate movie to be ultimate both popularity and quality is to be accounted for. However it would definitely be included in a top 50 list.
3 years
3 years
ze2000 I think they´re just overlooked because they're not "so recent". But for example Akira was the film that popularised anime outside Japan's borders.
3 years
3 years
Goldxnola but from a universal aspect it could not make the list it simply wasnt popular enough to make the ultimate list it cant just rely on it being popular outside japans borders it was not as popular as the ones listed. Also there were old movies on the list like princess mononoke.
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3 years
Goldxnola at the end of the day it is only a matter of opinion
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3 years
ze2000 of course :)
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3 years
bee Nice
3 years
3 years
Dawn96h I loved spirited away and Howl's moving castle! Also kiki's delivery service!
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3 years
ze2000 I have 2 favoutites, but they're not very popular. One as a petrolhead is Initial-D obviously. The other one is The Freedom Project.
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