4 years ago

The unending effect of bullying

Unfortunately, teasing is often part of growing up — almost every child experiences it. But it isn't always as innocuous as it seems. Words can cause pain. Teasing becomes bullying when it is repetitive or when there is a conscious intent to hurt another child. It can be verbal bullying (making threats, name-calling), psychological bullying (excluding children, spreading rumors), or physical bullying (hitting, pushing, taking a child's possessions). you may suffer physically and emotionally, and your schoolwork will likely show it. Grades drop because, instead of listening to the teacher, you are wondering what you did wrong and whether anyone will sit with you at lunch. If bullying persists, you may be afraid to go to school. Problems with low self-esteem and depression can last into adulthood and interfere with personal and professional lives.  so I say this you're certainly not alone ... they're many people in the world suffering because it and I NEEDS stop now . band up together and fight this ... we're together . we're one voice so spread the word and look out for your common man

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