By TammyWhite
3 years ago

The Sireno, a man-fish on the Puerta del Sol

The Sireno is the monument of Vigo par excellence. Erected in the Porta do Sol, this work by the Galician sculptor Francisco Leiro is one of the symbols of modern Vigo, impressive for its work and for the very high pedestal on which the statue is placed. The sculpture, installed in 1991, represents an imaginary character, a hybrid of fish and man, and has become one of the most representative monuments of Vigo thanks to its raging modernity, like a mirror of Vigo, which it watches over from His height.

In the Porta do Sol you can have a walk in the historic district of Vigo and another in the Ensanche, take the opportunity to explore the center of the city.

In Vigo there are 2 essential meeting points: La Farola and El Sireno. Do not forget it when you cite with a Viguà © s, because surely he will give you some of these references, which, curiously, are one of the oldest and most modern monuments, respectively, of our city, and mark the beginning and end of Calle del Prince, axis of the largest commercial area of ​​Vigo.

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