By JasonJRogers
3 years ago

The Screaming Fields (Poem)

The Last Battle - Part One

The time has come
To step out of the trenches,
And fight back hard
Along those blood filled fences.

Many have fallen
Crying out in pain,
Stumbling over lifeless bodies
In torrential rain.

Blinded by the flashing
Of unforgiving lightning,
To be hit at anytime
Makes this war so frightening.

You see your comrade buddy
Falling to the floor,
The enemy once again
Has picked off one more.

Screaming out in anger
As you start to fire,
Comrades falling all around you
Body count is getting higher.

As you strike the enemy
With multiple of shots,
Another life being taken
Another life is being lost.

You look around and witness
The blood ridden field in shock,
Many soldiers have fallen
All have been left to rot.

A shot comes from nowhere
Right through the rain and dark,
Hitting you in the chest
Just inches from your heart.

Rain falls down harder
As the thunder continues to rumble,
Clutching at your chest
As you begin to stumble.

You find it hard to breath
And slowly fall to the ground,
Looking in complete shock
At your blood soaked hand.

As you fall back in pain
Your head takes a thud,
Hitting the ground hard
And into the mud.

Your life begins to slip away
As you stare up at the rain,
There's nothing you can do now
To stop this unrelenting pain.

Your eyes begin to close
And you start to drift away,
Why did it have to come to this
Why did the war end this way.

The Fields Of Heaven - Part Two

You begin to come around
You slowly open up your eyes,
You look up at the clouds
Covering up the blue sky.

You slowly sit up and notice
That everyone has gone,
You then begin to question
Have I been here for long.

You look at your chest and realise
You're no longer in pain,
There's no more thunder and lightning
And there's more torrential rain.

Everything seems rather peaceful
So settled and really quiet,
No more soldiers running along
In full force of a riot.

You feel rather unsettled
Not knowing where you are,
I'd give anything to see my comrades again
Right now they feel so far.

The place certainly looks familiar
As you try to remember in your head,
Wait a minute, am I in heaven?
Oh god, I must be dead.

Return To The Fallen - Part Three

You slowly walk through
The fields of heaven,
Counting every step
From one to seven.

Remembering where
Your best comrades were shot,
Hoping the enemy
Didn't wipe out the lot.

They can't all be gone
Someone must have survived,
I know I can't come back
Because I already died.

Not a soul around
No one to be seen,
I'm now standing on the spot
Where my friends body had been.

Please come back
Please give me a sign,
Please don't leave me here
I'm losing my mind.

I can't find my way back
This feels rather frightening,
Back comes the thunder
Back comes the lightning.

The rain starts to pour
And hits the ground fast,
What's going on here
I'm not going to last.

As the lightning flashes
I hit the ground,
Yet once again
This soldier is down.

Everything goes dark
And I begin to pass out,
With eyes shut tight
And a wide open mouth.

What's happening to me this time
Where am I going,
Am I going to live or die
There's no way of knowing.
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TammyWhite Wonderful poem my dear
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fabio26 also wonderful this description very good :))
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Smokey2017 This needs to be published @jason
Why don’t you look into amazon Create space
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Fesalvia Good poem
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