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THE ARE IS PASSED BY THE FOC, to become pure!

to become pure!

Suffering is like a Purifying Fire, because
enemies / demons exist first within us,
and the ones from the outside do nothing but REFLECTS
those inside us.

When struggling with inner demons ceases, they disappear
those from outside.
The 'enemies' are like a projection screen for demons
which man contains.
Blondes, uncomfortable people, those who hurt and
disappoint ... they reflect on our weaknesses, the pulses,
the deepest fears ... urging us to
we take responsibility for them!

It's much easier to look with them and get them
hate, than to become aware, accept, understand, and
to take responsibility for what you have,
the world continuing to mirror what you refuse
to accept and transform into yourself.

The lack of honesty, for instance, that bothers you, is
equivalent to the misconduct that you have
in certain situations.

Do not take responsibility for what you are and
how do you mean IMATURITY and immaturity attracts
suffering, as a Purifying Fire, to mature.

Whoever does not choose to mature without suffering, will be
forced / constrained to do it through suffering.
There are people who repeat the same experiences without learning
none of them, endure great suffering without it
wants to understand why he suffers, remaining
prisoners of the same patterns / situations ...

We live in a world of duality, Creation is a world of
duality, in which opposing poles can only exist together,
supporting each other, in which the Yin bore Yang,
and the Yang creates Yin, being complementary!

When a man will understand the Laws of the Universe, the Hidden Laws
of the universal manifestation, will no longer condemn anything,
(but without marking the equality of observing / observing
detached and condemned / judged, with passion, with greatness
emotional load, from the position of superiority).
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