By stepinsidee
5 years ago


The Taj Mahal....
One you look at it you don't want to look away. One of the most amazing places in the world. I haven't physically been to visit (hopefully I will get the chance one day) but whenever I read the history and see he pictures I am in awe.
I always feel an automatic connection with ancient/spiritual/religious places, whether I ta a Masjid, Shrine/Darbar or even a Castle.

I think History is an amazing thing, learning the history behind things is always an amazing feeling. Visiting places with has a story behind them, which has a reason behind them are always the best places. Each brick has been plastered with love, each ornament has a memory joined with it. The interior is always jaw dropping. You automatically sense an inner connection, like a connection of your soul. You feel as ease, at peace.

I hope I get to travel to world one day, so I can visit every city and learn about its history and cultures. Being a tourist is the best way to educate yourself

Below is a link about the story behind the Taj Mahal

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Tiggerfantoo I too would like to go there someday, it's on my places to visit list
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