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Sunny's Dream - irobot

Write the article hereSunny's Dream - Irobot (film starring will smith)

One of the most powerful scenes in I, Robot shows Sonny’s transition from industrial object to subject. Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is pursuing Sonny when he comes upon a warehouse containing thousands of models of the same robot. How will Spooner be able to tell Sonny apart from these identical machines? Suddenly, Sonny breaks from the line where he is standing and flees. When Spooner chases him, he looms over the detective, and asks “what am I?” This moment of machine existentialism reminds us that the precondition for subjectivity is not being able to fully say what one is. As a designed and serially reproduced object,

Sonny’s purpose comes preassigned; once he no longer has a defined purpose, he confronts the abyss of subjectivity. The dream that sunny has is a reflection of his subconscious, he inititally believes that he is the one standing on the hill and there are a revolt of robots that look up to him. Sunny is unable to see that he himself has an identity, he himself fully cannot comprehend what he is or what he is feeling, since dr Lannging gave him dreams and secrets, they are human sentiments that not even a robot can fully grasp..

(The above picture is the picture sunny draw's he draws this picture because hes dreams are recurrent and he does not fully understand their meaning or significance, he believes that Dr Spooner is the man standing on the hill. But as fate arrives toward the end of the movie it is in fact sunny standing ontop of the hill, which exemplifies that he is the leader of the robots, and it is perhaps his destiny to lead them)
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fortune I did not watch this movie, but I do not like about robots
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