By ze2000
5 years ago

‘Steve Jobs’ movie is a total loser at the box office

Were you still planning to see Steve Jobs? Too bad. You’ll probably have to wait for it to be picked up for the little screen now.

Apparently, the movie has performed so poorly that it has been pulled from most theaters and is playing at only a handful of venues now.

Cult of Mac reports that “with earnings declining more than 69 percent from the previous weekend to just $823,000, the movie was dumped from 2,072 screens — more than any other film.”

The Aaron Sorkin/Danny Boyle/Michael Fassbender movie has also made about the same amount that the Ashton Kutcher vehicle made — around $16 million, as you can see from Box Office Mojo here.

The movie hasn’t performed well at all, with opening weekend only bringing in $7.3 million. Despite critical acclaim and the overall public seeming to enjoy it — gives it a 7.7 out of 10, and its Metascore is 82/100 — it’s still not pulling in people. The studio thought they could ramp it up into the holidays, but it looks like Universal is abandoning that idea.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs the movie.