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2 years ago

Stairway to Heaven

Steps, steps, climb, movement. Climbing stairs as an aerobic exercise – body work. Creative ladder – the climb of which reflects the creation of the artist, the writer, the artist. It was a move for me to climb this ladder into the skeletons. From the beach by the sea to the road to continue. To my goal.

 Here's a poem
Leah - Stairway to Heaven
The window is silent with neon eyes
and thin rain threads knit in the heart.
I do not know where you are, are you,
I'm only looking for a stairway to the sky, a ladder to the sky.

A distant blue dreams in the night,
your eyes are silver planets.
Bitter lights from shine and dreams
I climb on a stairway to the sky, a ladder to the sky.

I know above, the fertilizer will shine, the heart will fly to you,
I know above clean and bright our hearts will glow.
I want a ladder to the sky.

We will go by the blue grass of clouds,
lost in the sea.
Will you love me wherever you are,
I'm only looking for a ladder to heaven, up there to heaven.

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Violeta Very nice
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MegyBella Stairs are great. Some short time I lived on the place where I had more than 400 stairs to the beach in one direction. Sometimes I goes there twice per day. I was never felt and looked better than then. I love the article👍
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soncee Beautiful
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