By LiaF7
6 years ago

Portuguese Sweet Rice - Rice Pudding - Arroz Doce

I absoltely love this portuguese Dessert. Simple and delicious


1,5 lt of whole milk (6 cups)
1 Cinnamon stick
1 lemon peel (very thinly cut)
180 gr (0.39 lb) (6.35 oz) (1 cup) carolino rice (medium grain rice, NEVER use pre-boiled rice)
8 dl water (3 cups and a half)
150 gr (0.33 lb) (5.29 oz) (3/4 cup) sugar
40 gr (0.08 lb) margarine (1.4 oz)
4 yolks
Cinnamon Powder

1) Bring water to a boil with the cinnamon stick and the lemon peel and let it boil a bit and keep it hot.

2) Add rice in a sauce pan, cover it with water and add a pinch of salt and the margarine.
Make it boil until water evaporates in medium heat simmering more or less 20 minutes.

3)Always in medium heat add slowly with a ladle the heated milk as the rice is absorbing it. Keep stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until reaching a thick consistency.

4) When all the milk is poured and almost absorbed by the rice (don't let the two last ladles of milk evaporate to keep it creamy). It might look too liquid but it will dry itself later on when it cools down.

5) Now pour in the sugar, stir and let is boil 2 or 3 more minutes.

6) Beat the 4 yolks and mix in slowly with the flame turned off.

7) Take out the lemon peel and the cinnamon stick.

8) Fill a big serving dish (tray) or several individuals small plates or bowls and let it cool down for about an hour.

9) Cover with the sprinkled cinnamon powder and serve. The most typical Portuguese design in powdering is the one shown on the photo.

10) Can be served at room temperature or cold after being in fridge.

TIPS: Personally I sometimes do it with 2 egg yolks and put in some pudding powder instead.
Always put the sugar in at the end because it will stop the rice from cooking.
I add too a really little touch of vanilla flavor to the heated milk.

Enjoy because it is delicious!
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Flutterbydee sounds good :)
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6 years
fifileigh my late mother used to make something similar, but i think she added rosewater.
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Maydelene Wow i like it like it that yeah!
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6 years
LiaF7 @fifileigh with rosewater it isn't used here in our gastronomy. You can find this recipe in slightly different quantities of ingredients and see it more dry or more creamy. I prefer more creamy :)
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6 years
Sheryl It looks yummy and delicious, I'm sure it is aromatic for it has cinnamon in it
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