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7 years ago

Political Arrogance Part II

The arrogance of the establishment is enough to give you indigestion. What a coincidence that yesterday I wrote an article about political arrogance. Had it been a printed article, the ink would barely have dried when we had another stunning example of the contemptuous arrogance of those in Parliament.

The un-elected Speaker of the House, John Bercow decided, quite outside his remit, to deny President Trump a chance to speak in the house during his State Visit. I understand that he is able to ban anyone he deems unfit, but he is also supposed to remain impartial and non partisan. Quite apart from the fact that Bercow overstepped the mark by a considerable margin, the un-electable Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, praised Mr Bercow for speaking out about the President. He went on to say that the Speaker was "standing up for British values".

As far as I can tell, Mr Corbyn has trashed most of the values that Britain held, or at least would like to. He stands as a beacon for the hard left, who would, in a heartbeat, dismantle the industry and innovation that the UK is famous for and would be happy to see the country held to ransom by the Unions and the progressively more loony left.

Nobody who agrees with this statement has yet stopped to consider the embarrassing position that this has placed the Queen in. She will now play host to a man who has been banned from speaking in front of Her Government. They were quick to say that Theresa May had embarrassed Her Majesty by inviting the president in the first place, but she would not have done this without the expressed approval of the Palace.

The fact is that Britain needs an alliance with the USA at the moment. Whatever we feel about Donald Trump's attitude to life, women, abortion and gun laws, he has stated that he will work towards a trade agreement. It may be that any agreement will not particularly benefit the UK, it being more likely to benefit America, but it will certainly make the EU think carefully about punishing the UK for leaving.

This astonishing outburst from John Bercow has doubtlessly reduced the chance of a quick agreement, putting self interest in front of national interest. This must be the very definition of arrogance when your own self belief is so strong that you are prepared to risk the national interest.

Funny though, they seem to be able to put those principles aside to accommodate representatives from Communist China.
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Borderline agree with all the points
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ze2000 We don't have a democracy, we have a plutocracy were only the interests of a small portion of the population are represented.
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bee so true
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