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5 years ago

Officio Assassinorum - The Butcher - Eversor Temple

The Butcher, an Eversor Assassin from my Warhammer 40,000 gaming collection. This miniature is the classic metal Eversor Assassin from Games Workshop, circa 1993.

Equipped with a Executioner Pistol, Neuro-Gauntlet, Power sword and melta bombs, the Eversor is an all round close combat machine, capable of killing monstrous creatures and warlords alike.

Pumped full of complex combat-drugs and stimulants, the Eversor is constantly on the brink of a biological meltdown. Should the Eversor be killed, the regulators on his implants shut down, allowing these potent chemicals to mix. The resultant bio-meltdown is capable of annihilating his killers.

The Butcher has been used in multiple games, and has successfully killed numerous opponents - from Eldar Harlequins to Tyranid Hive Tyrants.
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ze2000 I never learned how to play this, only played on the PC. I love seeing the process how to paint an army.
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5 years
Borderline I had space marines, but I never really played, I use to play Warhammer fantasy a lot, I have some armies
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