By Maydelene
3 years ago


Prepare 2 Cups of Oatmeal,
Half of a Carrot, should be sliced into small diced
Bellpepper, sliced into small dice
Iodized Salt,
Black pepper powder,
Onion Should be sliced into small
Garlic sliced in small
1 Egg,
I Chicken or Beef cubes or powder.. If you are Vegetarian no need to include this flavoring...
1 Mixing Bowl,

Beat first the Egg into the Mixing bowl then Mix all the Ingredients then put little water just to be sticky.. then get a pan or a plate, the mixed Ingedients just form it into round shape then bake into Microwave.. it depends how heat you like not too much not to be burn..
3 years
fifileigh sounds interesting. i might try it in the future, but make it vegan.
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bibinvarghese wow yummy one
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LiaF7 This seems easy and very good :)
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3 years
Maydelene Very easy to do friends..
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