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North Korea at it again!

North Korea has launched another missile in defiance of the US and the world. Despite the threat of further sanctions from Donald Trump and an American aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson being off its shore, the North it seems will carry on with its nuclear and missile tests.

The missile did not explode on the launch pad as have other missiles in the recent past but this time it took off and according to Japanese and South Korean sources, the missile flew 700 miles before splashing down in the Sea of Japan.

Trump as expected has indeed said further stronger sanctions are needed against Kim's regime but the dictator to quote Maggie Thatcher is not for turning when it comes to military tests. Kim's thinking is that with nukes and the means to deliver them Trump may think twice before instigating any military attack.

Also, Kim's regime wants to survive and has learned from what happened with Iraq and Libya who possessed no nukes and were easily defeated by the US and others. At least with nukes, if war breaks out Kim probably figures he would lose but he would be able to strike back hard against his enemies namely the west coast of the US, Japan, and North Korea with long-range missiles against the west coast of the US and shorter range for South Korea and Japan.

Of course, China is North Koreas benefactor so would China help North Korea which would bring China into direct conflict with the USA, South Korea and Japan a thought too horrible to comprehend.

Out of this quagmire (nothing to do with 'Family Guy'), there is hope as Trump has said if circumstances are right he would be willing to sit down and talk with Kim. Likewise, Kim has reciprocated and said it would be an honour to speak with Trump.

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ze2000 When i read about "more sanctions" I wonder what can they do as N Korea is so reclusive
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LAFFINGKNOME Come hell or high water NK will continue testing
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