By Flutterbydee
3 years ago

My Art Career - Part 1

Just before Easter I finished my art course so now I must set myself up to paint on my own.

Resources, resources, that's what I need. I want to start by painting some landscapes using acrylics. I did quite well at that when I was on my art course.

I checked my paints: only two colours needed, thank goodness, as I don't have much money. I have the necessary primary colours (red, yellow and blue) plus black, white and brown already. I bought orange and green although I can mix them. It will save me time to use them as a basis for mixing different shades.

I only have A4 canvasses so I'll be painting small but then I'm used to that as I had to scan my work on my course and my scanner only does A4.

Already had a range of brushes so I'll buy more as needed.

I found an old desktop easel upstairs. It was left behind by someone who used to live here. I'll give it a try.

I really need an overall as I ruined loads of clothes on my course. Maybe an old shirt would be best. I'll ask round if anyone has one they don't want.

I need to look online to find any free courses on landscape painting because they often tell students good tricks.

Okay, I'm ready to think about the scene I want to paint, yay!

I'll let you know how it goes in Part 2 :)

3 years
ze2000 Good luck, keep us updated!
3 years
3 years
Flutterbydee Thank you ze2000, really nice you said that :)
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