By NatashaT1994
5 years ago

Me Me Me Me

Just so you get to know me a little better I thought it would seem better in an 'Article' than on the Profile information.

Name: Natasha Tacken

Gender: Female

Born: July 16th 1994 (22 years old currently)

Country: Scotland

Occupation: College Student

Instagram: natashatacken1994

Favourite Quote from a movie: "AHHHHHHH I'M GOING TO RIP YOUR HEAD OF AND SH*T DOWN YOUR NECK" - Stand By Me

Favourite Singer: Taylor Swift

Favourite Movie: Wild Child

Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Most Said Word: Sorry

Personal Statement:

So I have my own flat with my boyfriend. I have no pets or children. I would love a cat or a dog or both. I have the money to buy a Kitten and a puppy but the problem is I can't afford to keep it. Which sucks. Real bad. Food would be a problem and human company would be bad as well. I'm out nearly all the time for college and my boyfriend is nearly out all the time for work.

Life can be hard. Especially when you have to pay bills instead of your parents/guardian paying them. How I sometimes miss the old days living at my mums where I didn't have to pay for food or internet or gas/electricity. All I had to pay for was clothes, console games and college stuff.
5 years
NyishaHv my god I literally loved this episode "no t.v. and no beer make homer go crazy" "don't mind if i do!!!", classic. You have amazing taste in cartoons gambing etc. The simpsons is just epic!
5 years
5 years
NatashaT1994 @NyishaHv Yeah. Love The Simpsons. Especially Homer. Haha. I also liked The Simpsons/Family Guy cross over episode. The car wash when Peter and Homer are walking to the cars and the close up on their fat bums in tight little shorts. OMFG. Hilarious. I'm laughing now thinking about it. Haha.
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5 years
NyishaHv Homer is my favourite character too he's hilarious!
5 years
5 years
NatashaT1994 I very much agree on that.
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