By MariaK965
3 years ago

Living in Liverpool (life of a university student)

Saturday night and I'm up writing an article to ern some extra cash. I have just recently moved to Liverpool in order to complete my university studies. Although its quite exciting, living the university experience, moving to a whole new city and making new friends, there are some experiences which aren't as exhilarating.
Let's talk about finance, one of the most stressful responsibilities as a university student would have to be finance. Not forgetting that you have a tone of university work, placement and exams but you also have to manage your finances. I know its sounds quite grim but in reality this is part of university life. Don't get me wrong, I love being a university student, my course is exciting, I've made amazing new friends and I've become an independent adult moving from a small town near Burnley into a well know city called Liverpool.
However , once you become an independent adult you have a lot more responsibilities especially when it comes to finance.
Not only are you paying rent every month but you have to concider travel costs wherever you may be going , food costs and laundry that's all without even considering luxury items or activities. There have been days where I have found myself scrimping and saving pennies to make that extra pound. Although, what really helped me was having a supporting mother and amazing friends who were more that willing to lend me an extra £10 when I wouldn't have even a little left for food.
Over my experience I have lernt that the best thing you can do is make sure that you budget. So here are a few tips to help when you need to save:
1- plan your finances; look at your yearly income or student finance, look at what you are receiving for the month, take away your rent for that month and see what you have left now decide how much you will need for grieceries each week as well as travel costs
2- share the load; if you are living in student accommodation, make friends with your roommates and share your grocery shopping , share food, this way you can all save some money as you will be sharing the shopping
3- if you can get a part time job consider it; there are many part time jobs right in university. Many universities have small shops where you could work part time to fit your hours without spending money to travel to get there
4- special events; many universities have open day events and other course events where you can participate and help tutors welocming students into university which pay around £20- 40 depending on the event and hours
As well as these tips, you could also sell unwanted items on eBay or even ask for help from university student help centres if finance ever becomes too much of an issue.
Overall, finance is by far the most stressful responsibilty when your a university student however, university life is an amazing experience and I'm sure if your deciding to become a student you will have an amazing experience and I wish you all good luck.
3 years
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