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'' A son and his father strolled through the mountains. Suddenly, the son falls, hurts and shouts:
- Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!
To his surprise, he immediately heard a voice from somewhere in the mountains that repeated:
- Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!

Curious, shout again:
- Who are you? Receive the answer:
- Who are you?

Then he cried to the mountain:
- I admire you! The voice answers:
- I admire you!
Annoyed by the response, he shouted:
- Dude! and his voice answered,
- Dude!

He looked at his father and told him intriguingly:
- What is this? What happens?

His father smiles and tells him:
- Son, be careful.

And the man shouted:
- You're a champion! and the voice replied:
- You're a champion! The boy is surprised, but he does not understand.

His father explains:
- People call it ECOU, but in reality it's called LIFE.
You give back what you get when you say or do. ''

Our life reflects our own vibrations!
We vibrate and emit permanently.
No matter how wonderful a man would look from the outside (his image), he has part / manifest what is predominant,
at the vibration level inside it.
From there it emits and appropriately attracts, accordingly


I read somewhere (I do not know where) if you pack
something in a paper in which it was incense, it will smell a
incense, but if you legalize / wrap something with a string that
it smells like fish, that something will get the same smell! (aprox)

The same is the case with the people we interact with
(more) or around us!


A New Year with Health and Fulfillment!

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