By Wandrnrose7
3 years ago

Kites Galore!

Spring​ and early summer is perfect kite flying season. Take a drive around the twelve mile stretch on Lake Erie's peninsula and stop at beach 11. Park and stroll along the water while admiring the myriad of beautiful and often costly flying creations. Some enthusiasts take the hobby seriously and invest hundreds of on these beautiful wind riders. This photo was taken in 2014 on a perfect kite afternoon.

The sound of kites fluttering in the breeze is often punctuated with laughter as families make a joint venture of lifting the kites into their graceful positions.

It doesn't always end well and a bad launch can create a disastrous plummet to the beach. This beach isn't ideal for sun bathers due to the rocky sands.

If you are interested in flying your first kite, you can pick up a moderately priced model. Be sure to invest in strong string and make sure you have ample tales to balance your kite and then go experience the magic of kite flying. I guarantee you'll become addicted!

Have you ever flown a kite?
3 years
LiaF7 Only when my kids were little. I guess this experience will be repeated when my granddaughter gets a little older :)
3 years