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Jesus: For all

As a Christian like many Christians, today I will be attending church this morning as today is Good Friday when Jesus was led out to be nailed to a cross one of the most painful and most horrible execution measures ever envisaged by man perhaps.

Then come Sunday we celebrate his resurrection with the promise that at some point in history he is coming back.

When you look at Israel/Palestine today the place where our Lord walked all those years ago the place is just as troubled as it was then. Israelis and Palestinians still have not found a solution to their decades-old struggle of who the land belongs to.

The Jews would say and they have much support from Christians of the Zionist wing that God gave them the land. Then the Palestinians say it is their land and have lived there for generations until a load of Europeans of Jewish faith showed up claiming the land for themselves.

I support the right of Israel to exist as a home for the Jewish people but that said I also support the right of Palestinians for their own homeland too.

Jesus, if he were on earth now, would back neither side he would recognize the suffering of both peoples and say turn to him for a solution.

On this Easter Friday whether you believe in Christ or not I just wanted to say the above and wish everyone on here a peaceful Easter.

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