By Hellenor
3 years ago

Italian tiramisù

Today I want to share with you my tiramisù recipe.
For a very good one we will need those few ingredients:

- 4 eggs
- 500 gr of mascarpone cream
- 3 tablespoons of sugar
- 1 teaspoon of rum (optional, I would recommend it: P)
- 300 gr of savoyards
- 3 cups of coffee (made with moka if you can)
- a bit of cocoa powder
- pine nuts

Lets start with eggs: separate yolk from whites.
Whip the whites with the sugar.
In another bowl whisk a little the yolks, then add the mascarpone cream and the rum. Mix well.
At last add the whites taking care of let it very airy. It will became very soft.

In the meantime you're doing this, make coffee because it needs to cold down.
If you have a moka ( click here if you don't know what it is :P ) it will taste like a real italian tiramisù, but it's ok all the different options. Just make 3 big cups.

Now you have all you need to start assemble the cake.
Take a rectangular dish and start with the first layer of savoyards. Soak them into the coffee and put them next to each other. Then make the layer of mascarpone mix.
Start again with savoyards and go on until you want.
The best tiramisù is made of 3 4 layers, with lots of cream.

Put it on the fridge for 2 hours or all day, depends on when you want to eat it.
When you serve it, add the cocoa powder on the top and some pine nuts.

Done! Enjoy your meal :*

[photo by myself : @Hellenor ]

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