By frenchqueen
3 years ago


Interaction as defined in the dictionary means the activity of being with or talking to people.

So what is interaction in Tuetego? When you comment on someone's post, does it count as interaction? NO. It is only when you get a response from that person can it be considered as a real interaction. And when it becomes a conversation, then it gets to be considered as a real interaction.

So by merely liking someone's response in your post is not actually an interaction in the sense of the meter but just a mere like.

I know that most members here don't speak English fluently and some even have to use google translate just to be able to interact or make a comment. Thus, there are a lot of generic comments. Which I truly understand. But for those who are fluent in the English language, and yet make some generic comments, I think they're not here for a real interaction, but only to earn some few pence. Which is after all what they are here for in the first place.

But I truly appreciate few friends here who I know are sincere because they remember my dog's name. That is a sign that they have really been reading the caption that goes with the photos I post and these are the people that I consider my real Tuetego friends..

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