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Hedgehog ( ARICIUL )

"In the forest today with us
It was a big fool
And now, at the trial
All the world summoned.
The guilty one is a hedgehog,
Little, with glittering eyes,
With rounded belly
And crooked out of the way.
On the bench of indictment
He is very indignant
Coana fox red.
The panel of judges
She's sitting on a stinker
And he has it at the head, right,
The wise bitch.
Everyone sits down
And the process starts.
The fox, the foul party,
Stand up:
- I, honored court,
I'm a lady with a brilliance
Gentle in the port and in the sight
And I do not get out of the way.
But yesterday like never before,
Going to Metro
To buy some fish,
I woke up
Right in front a hedgehog.
And in his shaving spines
I put in, being fog too
My right front lamb.
What's next, I'm not telling you
I fell into the road,
Right into a big pond
And bad smell.
The hatched lace
It fell on my eyes,
And the umbrella flew
To a rabbit in the head.
Knight's knight,
Taking the umbrella lightly,
He came to me,
But I black of anger,
Not seeing anyone else,
C-hedge was no longer,
I poured the fire on him
And, grasping him,
I slammed a good paw,
He left his teeth in his hand
So of all these facts
I say it right
Guilty on the hedgehog
He then got out of my way.
If it did not come
And he would not hurt me anymore,
I would not be angry
And I would not have let him
On rabbit without teeth.
So please pray
And to punish immediately,
The guilty hedgehog.
The panel of judges
Screaming the accused
Listen to the hedgehog
He asks: What do you say ...?
But the hedgehog is silent,
Or maybe silently ...
After two good hours
By joint deliberations,
The panel of judges
Read this sentence:
Guilty is her fox
She let go of herself
In his heart's house
Three harmful sufferings:
Pride, an ancient disease,
Mania, her good daughter
All three are fine passions
Which in the heart is hiding
And it shows when and when.
It would have been spiritual
Fox to hum,
She would have said it was her fault,
Not the hedge
And everything is happening to him
For her sins.
No hedge is guilty
That she was angry.
He even did good to him
Because he helped her finally
To know their powerlessness
And to start the effort
Cleansing of sin.
So the hedgehog paid them,
Outside the canon as a canon,
He's got a tom
From Little Filch
Let's read at the cell
- I mean,
A full teaching
Great wisdom
Avva Dorotei, who says:

"But because we do not defame ourselves at anything, and often we find some kind of justification, we resemble a very clean pot from the outside, and in a bad smell, from which, giving someone a pebble and breaking apart, it comes out all the evil smell. So, I ask you, did that stone cause the evil smell in the ship or only gave it the opportunity to go out? There is also one who justifies and says: I was sitting in peace, and that brother's word troubled me. It seemed to him that he was quiet, but passion had it in his soul, and he did not feel it. "(Avva Dorotei -" Words and useful teachings ")

Poetry Hedgehog - "The Poetry with the Fellows of the Fairies", Careful edition at Diaconeşti Monastery, Bonifaciu Publishing House
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