By dorageorg
3 years ago

Grigor Dimitrov is number 3 in the world!

Dimitrov is the most successful Bulgarian male tennis player. Grigor Dimitrov is number 3 in the world!
He achieved this historic success after his great victories at the final Masters in London.
In the beginning of 2017 a Bulgarian made a real boom in world tennis.
Ten consecutive victories against top tennis players set a new start for the Bulgarian star. The beginning of a year in which he may improve the records. "For so long, he was considered the tennis player of the future, and if he ever weighed it, it was from his nickname (Little Fedepper)." In a brilliant way, he climbed to the top 10 three years ago, but did not know what to do but now, working with Danny Valverdu, Grigor, 25, has managed to exaggerate his talents, manage his will, entertain himself on the court and perform impressive winnings, and he also masters his temper, calm, working for his points, and much healthier physique, ready to challenge the big guys at the top. o Just ask Rafa Nadal, "wrote one of the comments on Dimitrov.

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