By stepinsidee
3 years ago

Foundation Review - MAYBELLINE FIT ME

Coming from someone who could never stand makeup, I must say this foundation is a life saver!
Going from wearing no makeup at all to having a full face (subtle look ofcourse!) is a drastic step! Foundation was a big no go as I have never liked the feel and texture of foundation on my face.
A friend recommended this one as she new it is my pet hate. I must say, it was fantastic!!! I don't apply much as I just use it for light coverage. It is a very light a foundation and when I apply it, it feels like I have nothing on! I love it!

For those of you who don't like foundation, like me, I would recommend this. 10/10

PS- it is all good on the skin!! Ive heard that it helps repair the skin, I don't know if that's what it's advertised to do but it has definitely helped mine!
3 years
Sugarsher Maybelline cosmetics are great value for money,especially when you are on a budget.l have tried this foundation was so good my daughter pinched it off me
3 years